Winston Phillips
Winston Phillips
DOB: 24/01/1989
Height: 179cm
Born and raised on the streets of Liberty City.

Currant Job: Unemployed - want to become a mechanic and own my shop in the great new place of San Andreas Republic, while also looking for my long lost uncle Trevor =)

I owned a mechanics shop in Algonquin. In its hay day before Liberty City become a ghost town, It was the hub for illegal car performance mods, illegal street racing. It was also a chop shop to fund my under ground firearms deals.

I dont deal drugs, but do use them for recreational purposes.
So lots of shit taking and potato gangster fails :/

I will do what ever it takes to get me were I want to be!

Some good traits in my character would include,
Generosity, Integrity, Loyalty, Sincerity, Self-control and Peacefulness.

Some bad traits would include,
Dishonesty, Meanness, Rudeness, Impatience and Greed.

Some traits that I might show in a group/leadership role mightbe,
Dominance, Confidence, Persuasiveness, Authority, Enthusiasm and Boldness.