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Monday, September 17, 2012, 08:04 AM
Posted by Administrator
Fully's Galaxy Online II Noob no $ Guide.

First thing you need to do is to League 3 times per day to get the honor points.
100 Mall Bali Daybreaks is all you need - Doesnt matter if you win or lose.
Then buy BloodyMary, Then I brought Nemesis.

~ All bp's are researched to level 3 ~
~ Science Research - Ballistic and Directional are both level 4 ~

These are my Independence III Designs.

Ballistic - Design

Infrared Scanner
ECM Booster
Auto Target System
Shield Regenerator
Eos Phase Shift Shield *5
Orbital Shield *8
BloodyMary III *3

You will need 336,000 to make 21 Fleets with 8 stacks of 2,000.
You will need 1050 Conqusitor-X to use as mids with stacks of 50. I use to use Bali Glass SS before the Conqusitor.
You will need 21 Common Commanders make sure the Weapon Expert is A for the weapon your ships have. For the above it will be Ballistic = A.

With these you can Farm RI8 to get the CC's needed to do trails. Lawrence and Evi to 4 star at least. And get there Accuracy to the highest level.
You should do RI8 in about 1.5 - 2 Hours.

Directional - First Nemesis Design for Trials

Agility Booster
Infrared Scanner
ECM Booster
Auto Target System
Shield Regenerator
Eos Phase Shift Shield *4
Energy Shield Booster *2
Orbital Shield *2
Nemesis III *3

For Trails you will need the Following,

48,000 Directional Indy's - Stacks of 3,000.
48,000 Ballistic Indy's - Stacks of 3,000.
2 Conqusitor-X - Directional - Stack of 1.
2 Conqusitor-X - Ballistic - Stack of 1.


This is the formation, only use Conqusitor for Trails for League, you will not lose them then.
Make 2 Ballistic fleets with Lawrence and another Common Commander with Weapon Expert A for Ballistic's.
Make 2 Directional fleets with Evi and another Common Commander with Weapon Expert A for Directional's.

I then Align the Fleets in the top right hand Corner Facing inwards, with the 2 from the corner Directional.

All set to Closest Target and Min Range.
All Ballistics should be set to Min Range no matter what. Look at Science Research - Ballistic Science - Victory Rush - for Distance Damage Bonus.

I go upto T34 on full He3, then from T35 - T50 I use 500,000 He3.

Happy Hunting =)
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:computer .:: Reformat my Pc ::. 
Sunday, September 9, 2012, 02:50 PM
Posted by Administrator
My computer did not like the new DayZ Alpha
I could not get on any servers and was thrown me with with a bunch of errors.

After spending a few hours trying to fix the issue. No luck so I decided to Format and re install Windows 7 Ultimate.

First you need to backup and move the files, images you want to keep to a DVD or backup drive. I moved them to a backup drive.

Installed Windows 7, formatted the drive it was going onto.

Then downloaded Avast Antivirus with the default install of Chrome.
I then installed all the windows updates.
This included some motherboard driver =)
Restarted the computer a few times.

Installed my video Card drivers NVidia 301.24.
Installed my Sound card drivers - Sound Blaster 2.
This is to use a Microphone, as the default mother board sound is rubbish, and gives me feed back.

Checked Device Manager, no ? or ! =)

Went back and checked all windows updates were installed correctly, found that Microsoft .Net Framework 4 failed.
So I downloaded it and manual installed it.
Also installed the folowing,

C++ 2005 Redistributable
C++ 2008 Redistributable
C++ 2010 Redistributable

Updated Internet Explorer, and installed Adobe Flash Player 11.

Found that I only had 1 hard drive, there are 3 on my system. One is the backup drive with all my backed up files.

Noticed it was in the bios.

So off to Administrative Tools/ Computer Management - Then under Storage is Disk Management.
All that was needed was a Drive Letter E:\

Also noticed there was another drive with 2 partitions, so that was deleted and reformatted and check for disk errors.
That got the drive letter F:\

Almost there =)

Check that the antivirus definitions are upto date.

I pluged my camera into the USB port to make sure the drivers were installed.

That is it.

Last thinf to do is create a System Restore Point, that can be found in Control Panel\System\System Protection.

Do a reboot, then install the software you need =)
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:end .:: 2 years on ::. 
Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 03:35 AM
Posted by Administrator
2 years on the day since the 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake we had we get a lighting storm, with biggest hail I have seen (about 2 cm)

According to http://www.canterburyquakelive.co.nz/ the last quake was
Last shake #11943 was Magnitude 2.40..

50 have being greater than a 5 Magnitude. The CBD is still closed, due to demolitions of unsafe buildings. They save that this a world record for no deaths with a quake of that size.

I so miss going into town on a bus with my partner for something to eat and a few drinks, then a bus ride home =)

But looking back over the last 2 years, were has it gone?
I have changed my view in what a value most out of life.

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:gun7 .:: DayZ Adventures ::. 
Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 10:39 PM
Posted by Administrator
Time for a Huey :yahoo

I Spawned at Prigorodky, early in the morning, it was still dark. I started by looting the Farms, found a Lee Enfield.

Then started towards Electro by the power lines, this brings you to the North Electrozavodsk Power plant, with the Fire Station next door.
Then on to the store....etc to loot Electro =)

I got to the road that travels north from Electro and heard a Chopper, so I turned my flash light off and kept traveling east to Electro, following the powerlines.
I then seen the Huey hovering, so I kept heading down the hill, until I got to the base of the valley to use the horizon as a shillotte as it was still a little dark.

Thinking he might of being going to check the barn out, I notice a fort with sand bags, barbed wire and a tank trap. =)

Down the hill he came straight at me hiding behind a tree. His turn to die :sniper

Looted him, took is Alice backback to fit his M104 shotgun in =)
Hid his body and flew away :woohoo

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:gun2 .:: DayZ Adventures ::. 
Wednesday, August 22, 2012, 09:55 PM
Posted by Administrator
Found a Tractor :yum

Since I have not done the north and east boarders, I thought I would go for a look =)

Found a Bus depot with about 50-60 buses in there, My life ended once I tried to start one.....:signlol
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