Fully's Guide to Escaping Tarkov! 
Saturday, November 25, 2017, 01:37 AM
Read this guide from start to finish =)
Install Reshade:
1) https://reshade.me/ download latest version
2) Press "select game" and go to your EFT installation folder and select "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" (not the launcher! do not go into the folder called BsgLauncher, go to the folder called EFT)
3) Choose Direct3D 10+ and accept the download of the collection of standard effects, leaving all the effect files boxes checked
4) Download these 2 templates (good starting points that you can modify as you wish):
day-time: https://mega.nz/#
night-time: https://mega.nz/#
5) Put them on the same folder as EscapeFromTarkov.exe
6) Run the game. You should be able to see a window up top saying reshade is loading the effects.
7) Press shift+F2 to open up the reshade configuration window
8) On the Home tab, you should be able to see a dropdown with the .ini files you downloaded. Select the one you wish
9) On the Settings tab, assign a hotkey to Effects Toggle key (personally I use ctrl+F2).
10) Leave the reshade configuration window by pressing Shift+F2 again.
11) Go into an offline match to test these out
12.a) If you're happy with them, re-open reshade, go into the Settings tab and click on the Usage Mode dropdown and switch from Configuration Mode to Performance Mode

Learn the maps - Know how to extract and were it is on all the maps!
You can play off line - by checking the OffLine box when you load the map.
Use this to explore and learn the map layout - find the extraction point(s).

FoV Fix: - Think this is no longer required?
1. Go to settings, set FOV to 50, hit save.
2. Start offline raid, any map.
3. Go to settings set FOV back to 75, save.
4. Disconnect This fix will last until you restart the game.

Complete Control Guide:

Factory Map:

Spawns Locations:

Factory Key: You will need to use this for the Tunnel Exit and PvE Exit.

Customs: The coloured circles are the spawn locations.

Customs: 3D map.

Customs Key Guide: A closer look at the Dorms on Customs.

CUSTOMS - All safe keys.
There is a safe in thre Customs office that requires Customs Key.
There is a safe in 3 story dorm room 204.
There is a safe in 3 story dorm room 214.
There is a safe in 2 story dorm room 110.
There is a safe in 2 story dorm room 114.
There is a safe in 2 story dorm room 105.
And the last safe is in the gas station office that requires the cabinet key.



Shoreline 3D:

Shoreline Health Resort Room (Loot) Guide:

Shoreline Key Guide:

If you want to add some Cheeki breeki ai bot Check the Enable PvE on the loading screen to test out some weapons.
In offline raid you will not lose any gear!

Fullys' Desktop :P

Weapon Modding:

The EFT Forums: Mega weapon modding thread.
http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic ... ga-thread/

Farming Guide:

Loot Guide:

Custom Desktop Crosshair - For easy Point Shooting :P
http://customdesktoplogo.wdfiles.com/lo ... o_V2.2.zip
Need a crosshair right here is 2

Medical: This is my prefered load out. Why painkillers on hotbar you ask -If you get blacked out legs you CAN NOT run, that will mean death in most cases.
Ifak on hotbar also so you can heal without missing any action, and still maintain overwatch.
Another loadout but no splits using a grizzly instead, found that this takes too long (8 seconds to heal a fracture) when using the grizzly.

Escape from Tarkov official and actual ammo table.
Escape from Tarkov official and actual ammo table

Soft Skills:
Do them in this order =)
Stress Resistance: This is increased when you are hurt/in pain. You can dehydrate yourself (eat condensed milk -50 hydration each) and wait for dehydration to set in.
Have a backpack and rig fill of AI-2's and 1 Pineaaple Juice. Keep fixing your self, keeping a close eye on head, stomach and chest. Once most of them are used up drink the juice and extract.
Rince and repeat until maxed level.
This is not required as the skill is not in the game. Your Call.

Fill backpack up with Pineapple Juice, Drink them all. Rince and repeat until maxed level.

While playing the game collect T-Bags - you will need 40-50 of them.
Fill the first one with shotgun shells to help increase the weight. Stick them all inside each other. When ready to start strengh training put the t-Bags inside your Gamma container.
Play the game Jumping about 10-14 times gives 1 strengh, Throwing grenade(s) The first throw is worth 2 points, then 1 point then after in the current raid. Resets each raid.

The other soft skills should increase while doing the strengh training.

Move as a group cover each other, but not too close that you can be wiped by a single grenade.
Loot (other dead players) Should go to the person that killed them first.
Looting - please dont play like a noob and spend many mintes to loot. the things you should be after are there weapons, Armour, NVG's to loot that stuff only takes a few seconds.
TIP: Hold Ctrl +left click will move it real quick. Unless they have a < scav backpack then it will take longer to loot. If there is another backpack indide you have to dump it to see whats inside it.
So you just killed 2 guys fully kitted players, PRO Tip: move you gear from your rig into your backpack, Dump your rig, armour and helmet in a bush or were someone wont get to it.
Then pick there stuff up (you will get your's back on insurance)
Armour Repair use Skier.


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fps 1 in console to see packets in, every 2 is a scav AI or player.

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